Hillary Clinton's April Fool's Day Joke

We were watching TV early this evening and my husband, I guess, did not realize that today is April fool’s Day. So when he heard Hillary challenging Barrack Obama to a bowling match, he said "there she is again, what is she doing?" Oh, that was funny...LOL. She got us that time...LOL. I didn't realize it either that it was April Fool's Day today, so it also kind of astonished me in a way and well, we were fooled there for a while...LOL, as we thought she was being silly. See, that is because she often gets caught with not so honest statements and due to her doing so; the media would reveal her by getting to the bottom of what she is talking about...LOL. People are saying that she exaggerates her stories just so she will get elected. So my husband thought that was another one of her tricks up her sleeve...LOL. But after all, it was just a joke she wanted to make for a big April fool’s Day. Who would think she was being serious but us...LOL, since we did not even notice it is April fool’s Day. However, I admire her for her courage to always take a stand and for fighting back every chance she gets...LOL. I saw her in heated debates, so she can fire back and give you more than you expect-"if the going gets tough, the tough gets going". I think she is brilliant and quite strong for a woman. She will let you have it if she feels the need...LOL. It's like she will do all the talking, yep, if they let her...LOL. Just get her going and you'll hear from her for sure. I am the same way, so I ought to know...LOL. Okay, this is all for now. Good night everyone! It's night time here anyway. Happy April Fools' Day!!! The joke you can see on the graphic below is funny but it is dirty and, of course, it hurts bad...ouch! I wouldn't like it myself. No crabs on me because I am the one that puts a crab on the fool...LOL, but nah...I'm just fooling yah...ahahah!

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