Having one computer for two is not so good

My husband wakes up early, so he gets to use the computer before me since right now we only have one computer connected to the Internet. We either have to get a router or a laptop so we can both be on the computer without waiting for the other to get off. Anyway, as usual my husband has his own world, he wakes up way early ahead of everybody in the house-that's us-and get on the computer. The first thing he does is usually log on to where we find work...LOL. Whoever gets on the computer first takes care of the logging in, so since my husband rises earlier than I, he gets to do all the logging in. I have him include me especially with watching opps if I am not in front of the computer-I do the same for him, of course. However today, he thought he had it all done; he opened his and mine-mine first; only when he reserved opps he thought he reserved an opp for him, too. So when he was done with his post, he submitted it but he couldn't get through, and I got up just in time to tell him that his page merged with mine...LOL. He was actually shocked to find that out. I told him since we only have one computer to use right now; he should always check whose account he is looking at, because the pages sometimes would merge. That's the problem, because when he opened his page, it merged with my page, and so his page became my page...LOL. He was seeing the opp that belongs to my blog and reviewed it by mistake. Oh, it irritated him, I tell you; it taught him a lesson anyway, to double check next time for sure. Bottom line: I have got to get a laptop soon though to avoid such from happening again. It irritates me, too, because if we have all the pages opened at the same time-the next thing I know it's either his page or mine is gone and have merged with the other. One computer for two people is simply complicated. As for our old computer, maybe our daughters can use it for playing educational video games, etc. Who knows yet, we'll see. Okay, this is all. I still have a lot of work to do in the house; weekends are my cleaning time-all out.

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