Addiction doesn't make a person useless

Having an addiction doesn't at all mean that a person is useless but somewhat irresponsible in a way that there is no self-control. It takes a will-power and adamant attitude to be able to take control of the things we do. And not to let ourselves get out of hand, especially when we have children to worry about. We have to be responsible for our own actions. Well, anyway this topic brings me as to how strangely some people actually think in general from what I am learning. See, my father is viewed as useless and irresponsible for not bringing home the bacon anymore and for not being able to control his drinking whenever he does drink. He smokes, too, by the way which sums it all up for him to be more like an outcast-labeled as a bad and irresponsible father. I am not saying he is an addict, but drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco/cigarettes is addictive. An addiction is something you keep doing and can never seem to control even if you try, though; there are people that can break away from it. It is an addiction when it takes more than just a will-power but a rehab to stop or quit. My father might need it I tell you, because he doesn't always have self-control. However, having people around him that talks to him harshly and in disgust much less disrespecting him is not going to help but make him worse. It will only push him farther into the deep end. I can understand if he doesn't want to quit, but I would like to see him take control of himself and not let his habit control him. And not let people drive him into the ground in the process either. That is why I thought I would jot down a little about such issue that goes on in my family and that I deal with, back home. It is sad when people look down on you just because you are not able to live up to their expectations and measured up to the standard they believe everybody should go by. There is no set standard really, not that I know of anyway. I don’t usually go by what others think is important and what they think is best, for only I know what is best for me. And that I can only live within my means, of course. Nobody should have to live up to other people’s expectations because you can only do what you can base on your own terms; to the best of your knowledge and ability. As for my father, people in our hometown think that individuals like him are useless and irresponsible that can do nothing other than cause trouble and misery. It saddens me to hear comments that I think is out of ignorance and not by realizing that someone can only do so much and sometimes you can only be contented with what someone can do for you. Nobody can always meet our expectations nor can we fulfill or meet theirs; someone else's or other people's expectations. We can't be what others want us to be. That is life; you simply can't have it all!!!

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