No more out of proportion labia with labia plastic surgery

I can very well understand why vaginal surgery is becoming quite common with women especially after childbirth, because of increase incidence of vaginal relaxation and the fact that some women have labias that are out of proportion. What I mean is that, the unbalanced look can really pull women down in means of feeling confident and normal. It happens and I think it starts from a young age where we all undergo changes in our body. We don't even know that we have changed and the next thing we normally notice is that something doesn't look proportion. I have seen pictures of the before and after and I would say a surgery makes a big difference in terms of making the labia look more appealing and clean. The pictures show that it could be quite uncomfortable and embarrassing for some women, that I would imagine. So if a surgery can help, why not have it. I would do it too, simply because I want to be able to feel confident and not be so self-conscious because of how parts of my body look. That is why some women do seek for labia plastic surgery to improve the way their labias look as well as to have confidence in themselves. I have come across a number of sites where I learned that vaginal rejuvenation is the only way for women to feel new again, and they also do it for sexual gratification. Some just don't feel the kind of sensation they felt before they had their children.

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