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I love cooking; only I am still in the process of learning how to cook like a chef. So far I have learned how to cook the Chinese dish called "tomato beef" it is very tasty to eat with rice. I also learned to cook "chicken soup"-the best I think. It is a secret recipe that was given to my husband's daughter in law by an old lady. And it was passed on to us. I might share a recipe of my cooking online on the site where all food lovers like me can connect and share recipes of foods we love. Anyway, if you are a food lover, you might like visiting the site yourself at: and share or find a recipe. You can even make a request with what recipe you are looking for, and rate the recipes you like. Hear more about it below. is the ultimate tool for every foodie.

What makes so great? These and many other features:

- Free nutritional analysis, for all recipes on the site and every recipe you submit.
- Share your recipes with your friends and other foodies.
- Discuss recipe ideas and techniques.
- Plan your meal and easily print off your shopping list.
- Create the perfect dinner party

All of this and much more and best of all its all free. Get to to get started today.

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