A legal separation is to me the same as a divorce

My parents are not getting along well; they really didn't get along very well for as long as I can remember. And they are thinking about getting a legal separation or annulment of marriage now. So, they requested me to help them out with making a decree of dissolution of marriage or divorce. It is actually a legal separation or annulment of marriage. Only in the U.S. it is called divorce, but a legal separation is in no way different, just a different term. I don't know how people can say in the Philippines that a divorce is not permitted when in fact; a legal separation or annulment of marriage is the same thing-a process in which a couple wishes to live separately or apart. Does a term make a difference to call such situation different than the other? It is the same to me. Don't tell me that once you marry in the Philippines, you can only separate and never be able to remarry or marry another person you fell in love with? That is strange...LOL. Anyway, that is how I understand it.
Now as for my parents, their marriage is coming to an end soon. My mother can no longer tolerate my father's nonchalant behavior. She along with my other siblings think he is all for himself. He spends money and let others benefit while his own family is not having such a good time. It is confusing to me and some of the things I hear are nonsense. So, I just don't say anything because I am not really there to witness whatever is happening with them. And I don't like to obligate my father, when we are all grownups that do not need his tending. For all I care, he can do as he pleases. I don't care because what I care about is that he is happy with what he does as long as he is not hurting anyone. If people have problems with him, then perhaps that is because they couldn't mind their own business. What authority do they have to tell another how to live anyway? But I guess my family; my mother and siblings still require him to be more responsible of his family. Be mindful as much as possible that he shows them they matter. Maybe my father failed to show them that, so, they are somewhat hostile to him.
I can't say what is really wrong with my family, but whatever is bothering them. It will have to end for the sake of peacefulness in the family. I want everyone to live in peace and go on with their lives which include my parents. It is enough bickering and start living with everyone being contented and happy. An annulment of marriage is necessary sometimes so to co-exists peacefully.

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