Everybody is getting sick of the cold weather

The weather here in Michigan is not exactly very pleasant, it is snowing until now. Oh, everybody is getting sick of the cold weather here. My husband was just talking to his son last night and his son was saying how sick he is getting with the weather being so cold that it is always snowing here. It makes him wish he can live in California where the weather is reasonable and warm all year long. I like it there a lot, too, and wish we didn't have to move out of there. If only we can go back there and live in a nice place where we can easily go to the beach-there is an ocean there which I really like. Anyway, as for the weather here, it snows off and on if not raining since it is Spring time now. My husband doesn't like to take us out to the store because our baby could get sick, so we're always stuck in the house. It sucks...LOL.

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Hi An, mao ni ako mga 4 blogs..pls also vote for me inmy blogs..thanks kaayo..ayo2 diha..kami pud karun sa germany..crazy weather jud

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