Black tiny moles appeared all over my face

I have been getting quite a few tiny black moles growing all over my face, and I read they can cause melanoma cancer as some moles are cancerous. I panicked then when I read such, and since I have been feeling awful that moles are appearing in my face especially along the side of my nose, I literally took them off. They make me look even uglier...ehew! I am ugly enough without them. They destroy my skin; face. So yesterday, I finally decided to take them off myself, only I don't want to share any detail of it here for safety reasons. Kids you know; do visit websites these days. They might get infected then come back to me for I am to blame sharing my silly ideas. I couldn't afford to go to a Doctor and have them surgically removed, or removed period with laser or acid. They are all so small, and it was like worrying about small pimples. However, the thing with me is, I used to touch and squeeze my skin where I can see pimples because I don't like to go out with pimples in my face. Now I can see the result, I have pimple scars on my face, nose especially. I hate seeing them now, and I wish I never did what I did then. It is a lesson to be learned for others, never touch, pinch, squeeze or remove your pimples using your fingers with your nails exposed, too, I believe nails has some chemical power to make pimple scars appear. I would say that instead of having a nice smooth face, you have holes that looks like moon craters...LOL, only on your face. Now watch out and take good care of your face, so you won't be so self-conscious. Beauty is important in people's eyes.

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