A site that has all the best rappers listed

When it comes to music, anything goes with me. However, there are times when I prefer to listen to a certain type of music to set the mood. I like all types of music, it can be any genre. Rap music is still somewhat new to me; I haven't heard such type of music at home before. But now I do and I actually like some of the songs I hear on the radio by various artists. I especially like the upbeat ones as I am an upbeat person. By the way, speaking of rap music, I found a new website that was launched to promote lots of best rappers around in the music world today. So if you enjoy rap music, the site would be the one for you. Perhaps you can find your favorite rap artist there and be able to see the new songs listed as well as read the biography. How nice I think, so come by and take a look!

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