Google page ranking and how to get a page rank

I now realized that page ranking has almost nothing to do with ex-changing links at all-well, not so much, and drawing lots of traffic to your blog. Too much of everything can be overwhelming and just no good period. But it has everything to do with maintaining a clean blog, what I mean is an uncluttered blog with a good code template. I noticed that, when I saw some blogs that hardly have anybody visit having a page rank of 2-3. Imagine that? The keys to getting a page rank sounds more like the following:

1. Just make sure your blog has a good clean template.
2. Maintain it with writing posts often-keep it updated anyway.
3. Include pictures in your post if possible-to spice it up.
3. You can ex-links but don't go overboard, because too much links can decrease your chances in getting a page rank-I read about that you know.
4. Always be careful with your keywords, or what you say because Google looks for them.
5. I read it helps not to mention the sites that let you earn molah...LOL.
6. Minimize or even take off the banners of sites you have on your blog especially those that let you see some dollar signs.
7. Go to for the Meta tag or Meta html code so your blog is googlebot friendly-to be indexed that is.
8. Try to write English correctly, too many wrong spellings and grammatical errors can sometimes affect your blog from gaining the page rank it deserves.
9. I noticed that it might only take you to write and write about something and get a page rank anyway.
10. You don't even need to bother with doing the extra hassle some people say, because doing nothing seems to work just fine...LOL.

Okay, I think that is about it that I have learned so far. So, good luck!

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