My children can throw a tantrum as bad as I did

I was planning to go to Wal-mart today, but then my husband said it is really cold outside. So I held off and decided to go tomorrow instead. But if I have to go out and take the baby with us. Well, I have to promise to my husband not to loan him our out of control baby...LOL. I will have to keep control of her myself this time, because the last time my husband had so much trouble with her acting up; throwing a bad tantrum. She would roll all over the place in the car and cry until she gets tired of crying. He developed a bad headache listening to her after such ordeal, he definitely has had enough; no more babysitting for him. He had a bad time watching her and has had it now indefinitely. We have to stay home most of the time until our baby gail can behave herself. Hmmm... I wonder where she took after. Where did she inherit such unruly behavior? Perhaps my kids have my kind of out of control behavior...eeek. I can still remember that when I was very young I would roll all over the ground in the mud until my parents (mother anyway) is force to take me with her when she goes shopping...LOL. I cried until I got tired and had mud all over me-that was bad. I could certainly throw a bad tantrum from what I can recall when I was a young girl. But I think my mother still left me at my grandparents' house in which my uncles and aunt found it fun to tease me. They scared me to death with teasing me about how a helicopter would get me, take me away, and boy, to me it was like the end of the world. I was so scared almost traumatized because every time I hear a helicopter I would panic and try to hide. In fact, when I heard a helicopter flying over head once, I even climbed up a big and tall santol tree with lots of leaves so I would not be seen. I think I was also trying to carry my baby sister or brother up there-I just can't exactly remember if I was able to do it. Oh, that was dangerous, I tell you. It taught me a lesson not to tease little kids with things that can really scare and harm them, they might develop a phobia. My phobia was seeing a helicopter flying when I was very young…LOL. Now, I hardly get scared of anything.

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kitty said...

ate Ana!! belated happy easter to you guys!! goodness, I missed talking to you.. sorry talaga for not being able to visit you a lot, akala ko kasi nag lie low ka sa blogging world since very busy ka, diba mejo you're having some complcations rin kaya kayo hindi masyado nag ba blog diba? well thank God ok ka naman as well as the whole family. =D hope you guys are doing great there!


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