Hannah and I just got up from taking a nap

Our baby Hannah and I just got up from taking a nap, whew! I finally had some sleep, not a lot but enough to help me get throug the day. I feel a little better now though my stomach feels empty and I still feel like fainting when I get up. I have got to eat right and take care of myself. I told my mother that I getting sick because I couldn't seem to find something to eat in the morning espeically which in the process I skip meals, This is why I look skinny, I am a 105 lbs. right now. at under 5ft or 5ft if I am still growing...LOL. I am so short, it's to bad I didn't take after my father in height. Oh, well, it's part of life, we can't choose to be born gorgeous even if we want to. Anyway, we woke up to an empty house as my husband and daughter Tiana are still not around. They must have stopped to grocery shop somewhere. Oh, speaking of which they are here now. It felt kinda lonely for a while not hearing any noise. Okay, I have got to go now.

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