Fixed Rate Mortgages are more for first time buyers

We needed some money some time ago, and decided to remortgage, and we were just in time to do so, because the interest rates was low. My husband always say that when the interests rates are low, it is usually a good time to think about buying a house or remortgaging. I also found a website that covered that issue in which I found out that Fixed Rate Mortgages are well suited for first time buyers because they can exactly know how much they can afford within a period of time depending on how long they can keep paying for their mortgage. Anyway, the site is very helpful for those looking to purchase a house, or those that are thinking of remortgaging. The interest rates will be going down soon, and everyone thinks it is the best time to buy a house. A great time for buyers, because it will be a buyers market. If you are interested, you can even compare mortgages there. The site is definitely resourceful if you need help deciding which way to go with mortgages.

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