It's time to party as it's Friday!!!

It is time to party as it is Friday!!! Well, to most of us Friday is definitely a happy day for it is usually the end our our work days, meaning to say, there is no school and no work, we can all have a good time then...LOL. Relax, go out and do whatever makes life a blast. There are so many activities that awaits us, only on the weekends we prefer to just stay home and get our house chores done while others do their shopping and pampering, etc. We are just a little opposite since we don't have a lot of money to splurge. If we do, we would definitely be out every weekend as well and enjoy life to the max, I mean to the fullest...LOL. I still enjoy my time though, because it is always a pleasure looking forward to the weekend so we can breath a little and not have to be frantic with preparing our daughter for school everyday, early in the morning. Anyway, my husband is making an effort to make it a fun day by buying out. What I mean is he buys food to eat. We can go out to eat but our baby can't behave just yet, so we are stuck for now in the house. We will have a Chinese take-out food. I just order a pepper steak combo which is a combination of fried rice and pepper steak, then my husband buys extra noodles; lomien for our extra dish. It sounds yummy, and it is foing to be. Anyway, I have got to go for now. Happy Friday!!!

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