Amazing Photoshop Edited Images

I wanted to share a spectacular slideshow of animals being turned into fruits and vegetables. It is amazing how technology and artistic people can turn things into another like on the slideshow here. You see fruits and vegetables in the shapes of common animals. If there are fruits that really look like them for real, it makes me wonder if people can take it with eating them...LOL. Can you guys stomach it? Will you have the nerve to eat them? Not if you don't have to, but at least they are not alive eh...LOL. I probably know what you are saying, that, of course, not! One has got to be pretty sick to be able to do so. The snakes are hard to swallow for sure...LOL, scary...LOL. Anyway, it's just funny I thought, so I had to share it. Thanks to somebody who e-mailed me about such great blog contents, now I have something to share other than my not so exciting simple life, eh. Who wants to listen anyway. Okay, let me go for now, I need to call it a night now. Take care!

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