If UFO is real it could change the way people think in general

I happened to be watching television last night, and I had to stick around because I was seeing a very fascinating story about the UFO, God and bible. Wow, that was mind blowing. It was both amazing and fascinating to hear people talk of the possibilities. My, it is always to have an open mind, for sure, you get to learn more and and expand your way of thinking. By reading and listening you learn a lot. I believe it broadens our horizon. If we have an open mind, we get to grasp the facts and learn from them, we learn how things work by experimenting and by trying something new. We discover and learn things we never sometimes knew at all. I like being in a world where there is so much to learn and discover.
Anyway, going back to my initial topic here now. I want to share what I think, maybe a theory as well like with those that think alike. I thought about UFO and Aliens before from hearing about them so much. When I was very young I heard about them, and now I hear about them even more so in the western world where people are so eager to learn and discover with an open mind, of course. Now what came to my mind some time ago long before I saw a television series last night was that, what if the Alien put the human beings on earth for their experimentation purposes...LOL. It may sound silly, but anything is possible since we know nothing at all-at least not yet, except going by our faith. If the aliens had something to do with us, boy, it would definitely change the whole world, they way we think in general especially about God and the bible. Yes, what if what we call God is one of us, I mean among us? If not one then many, in human form with super power abilities. The Aliens can do anything if they are real and can fly those saucers without making any noise, and like with some people that claims to have been abducted and during such process they felt it in levitation (there is another term for it though, I can't remember now).
Boy, wouldn't it be strange if what people talked and believed in the bible are after all part of the UFO Phenomenon? I was definitely fascinated by the television series I saw last night. It just brings something new to mind, something to wonder about. By the way, if you are curious what show, there is a website that has the reference about "UFOs in the Bible". A priest or minister was even one of the theorists or say someone that interpreted UFOs in the bible. So, if things like I am talking about fascinates you, you may view the site to find out more.

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