Tiana saw the Easter Bunny today

I can tell that Tiana had a blast seeing the Easter Bunny at her school today. She was telling me that they played a game and had candies. They also had lunch with the Easter Bunny, so, wow, what a trip she and her peers had today. It is one of the nice things that kids in the western world get to enjoy, have fun seeing all the holiday figures and always have a day off (when it snows especially) and holiday breaks. Who wouldn't like that if you are a school kid, right? Now in a couple of days, Tiana will be off school for Spring break. I will be able to rest again not having to get up so early in the morning to prepare her for school which is always a drag. I dread it anyway, becuase I always feel tired and weak, must be from skipping meals...[blush]. Talk about living healthy. I really need to get myself together soon and have a healthy habit. I am letting myself go, I feel worn out and rundown. I am out of gas sometimes...LOL. Anyway, I just need to get something done I have been waiting to finish this afternoon. And yeah, I didn't go out because I needed to clean the house instead. My husband asked me if I wanted to go, and I said, maybe, I might, but then he asked me to clean up the house, and I said, I don't feel too good for that. Well, then he said that, if I am sick, I should stay home then...LOL. He got me there...LOL. There are times that when I am not in the mood, I just don't want to do anything really, but when it comes to shopping when all I do is be pleased with looking around and find some neat looking clothes, it is more like a therapy for me. I am always up for shopping, it gets me excited, my mood can change...LOL. Oh, girl stuff, I tell you. As for shopping and eating out, we'll go tomorrow or the next day-much better-when Tiana is off school.

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