It's Spring and time for me to get in shape

It’s Spring and it's time for me to start working out to get in shape, so, of course, I can wear some nice outfits. I haven’t been exercising and all I have done is sit around; doing my computer activities most of the time. I don’t even try to stretch, maybe this is why I always have aches and pain. I have got to do some stretching and exercise regularly so I will not only look good-with an hour glass figure, nah, just kidding…LOL-but also can live longer not having any medical issue, because what if I have a blood clot or stroke? One must take some time to be healthy and keep everything working. It is better to be safe than sorry by being active; otherwise I could look like a walking dead. Well, that is not me, I like to be active and go to places where I can enjoy life. I am adventurous and like to try new things if possible. So I can’t afford to let myself go. I am young and I should live it up. Looking good is nice, only I don't care for when even little boys start flirting with me as if I am their age...LOL. It happens because of my being so tiny...eeek! I am not only small but short. So, ugh! It is embarrassing, but a good thing I have my children with me because it helps...LOL.

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