My point of view being no longer alone

I am still blogging away though I am busy. My husband is you know always on my back with cleaning the house. Boy, when you have kids, you can never seem to have a clean house unless they are asleep. Whew! What a job if you have to constantly go behind your children. I detest cleaning as much as my husband wants me to. He is a neat freak...LOL. It runs in the family...LOL, his side anyway, hopefully our children are not so like that, I want to be able to breath once in a while. Life is not just all about that; working for your house, not with me anyway. My husband may have to get rid of me for going against him with cleaning every time I turn around...LOL. I become hostile towards whoever it is that is always in my hair. I despise the line that says "your wish is my command", it is not that, that is what I put up with, but I just don't like it when somebody rushes me to get something done as if an asteroid is coming...LOL. I don't like to take orders, because I order...LOL, but reallly it is a matter of treating each other equally with loyalty and respect, that is all. I want to work at my own pace. In my mind, I somewhat have the mentality of the rich people-or maybe not because it depends, that and I am not working for anyone but for myself. I do as I please kinda thing, but I should be humble though, and have to face the reality with open arms-embrace it, for we are only human. You can't have everyting to your liking unless you are alone. Oh, my husband and I are a complete opposite. Opposites attract with some couples, only it is no exactly working with us...LOL-we are a collision since we are both a Scorpio, no one wants to back down-a competition we are. Lookswise, of course, opposite attracts; male and female, if we are talking about that kind of opposite.
I am not so bad, it is just that I keep people waiting sometimes when I procrastinate on my chores and whatever else regarding my daily activities. The impatient ones usually get fed up with me, which in turn, of course, I can't worry about, as I can't always please everybody...ugh! Nobody's perfect, and I am only trying to live life the best way I can and be myself. My world is quite happy and peaceful if nobody bothers me, I mean irritates me you know. We all just have to be more accepting, accept the way we are and the way others are, if we can't then there is always a way out, just as like they say that "there is always hope as long as you are alive". Okay, enough of my ranting, actually partly venting out here. It is just nice to speak freely sometimes, my mind I mean. There is no harm in expressing how we feel every once in a while as long as it is harmless. Things shouldn't be taken literally and seriously, after all we are in control of ourselves. No matter what, we have the power to do what is best for us.

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