Barack Obama has some explaining to do

Barack Obama has some explaining to do because of of the fact that he kept going to church where his Pastor said some controversial things. Well, that will put him in a jam for a while; public scrutiny. People might have a different opinion of him now. I guess it will have something to do with him winning or backing down. Who knows what can happen after such issue that recently just came up. Boy, nobody can hide from the media for sure, and can't keep people from telling the truth. It seems that we see one politician to another doing something out of the norm. Imagine, those people getting caught for doing something that they are not supposed to do while in office. How embarrassing. It is awful especially when you have to lie on national television, then come back later, retract and tell people, yep, you did it...LOL. Anyway, enough of my short topic on politics. Barack Obama stepping out in the podium and tell people his side of the story. He is about to deliver his speech to put an end to the such controversial discussion going on right now. Oh, it is affecting him with running for president. Will people understand where he is coming from?

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Rissa said...

yeah i've heard abt this issue nga. hay, what kind of pastor ba naman yan? haha! anyway, i have a feeling he's not gonna win but who am i to decide anyway? haha! just my 2cents.

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