Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

Who can possibly not like such an upbeat song? Oh, that song rocks! I love it as I am an upbeat person, so naturally I like upbeat music. The "Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now" song is one of my favorite songs, you know. The first time I heard it, I already liked it. What a nice song. So I had to share it here. It is quite an old song now, but it is timeless. Everybody still likes it up to this day. Anyway, that is what came to my mind this morning when I got up. I was visiting my Random Matters blog and played it because I have it below my blog for my music back ground, only sang by my fellow Filipinos. I couldn't find the original so I had to settle for what I can find. There is nothing like the origial for sure. Okay this is all for now. Enjoy hearing the song I have here. And by the way, I saw the "Mannequin" movie featured on the video here. I had fun time watching it; a romantic comedy movie. It is hilarious to watch as it reminds me of the "Pink Panther" movies seeing the lead police officer always aggravated and get into so much trouble...LOL. The characters really fit their roles, and I would say Kim Katrall is drop dead gorgeous-being the mannequin, and, of course, the guy is cute. As for the others, they are the original singers of the song the "Starship". I just don't remember seeing the Starship people in the movie though, but more likely because I didn't know about them before.

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