Blogger was inaccessible on my new computer last night

My new computer gave me a bad time yesterday when I wanted to log in to my blogger account. I wasn't able to blog what I wanted to blog at all. It really irritated me being interrupted by a connection error that only my new computer created, because I checked to find it out on our old computer. On our old computer, blogger was available for me to access, but on our new computer blogger is offline-unavailable for me to access which puzzled me when it is available on our old computer. Oh, that really screwed me up with being able to blog yesterday, and I missed to post all my taken opportunities. How disappointing, because I need the money.
Perhaps sometimes there are things that happen for a reason, who knows? I waited for hours only to find out it was our new computer after all, that blocked me from accessing blogger. When I resorted to blogging on our old computer, it was a little too late, and my yahoo mail where I saved all my posts didn't want to cooperate either. So I was dead, I lost my chance completely as I only had a few minutes to make it as to be counted as yesterday’s posts. I won't let it happen again; I will have to figure out why I was blocked for hours on end last night. It prevented me from blogging, what a mind boggling problem that is if you have no idea what's wrong?
I will need to get to the bottom of it, and find a solution on how to fix it if it will ever occur again. No more missing posts for me. It was part of my procrastinating habit too though, because I put off blogging until it was late at night, last night...silly me. Okay, this is all for now. As a closing note: sometimes making a mistake can mean a lot in means of learning a valuable lesson, it teaches us the lessons that may be necessary to be stronger and a better person, as opposed to being bad or worse. We can only learn by trial and error you know.

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