I can't seem to find anything good to eat anymore

I am having trouble with what to eat because most of the time it's like I have eaten all the foods my husband could possibly bring home. Other times I just have no appetite. So I often struggle with thinking about what to cook that would taste good and that we can all eat. It is hard because I can't think of anything good to eat anymore. I can only remember about fish and what I would like to eat if I were back home...LOL. Really I can find so many foods to eat there, and perhaps it is because my people can cook so well. My grandmother used to have a restaurant, and that makes me miss all the food there. I hunger for my native foods...eeek! I think it's only happening to me because I have been here too long. I have got to take a vacation home. I am hoping next year since it looks impossible for me to go for a visit home this summer. My husband wants to go too. Nobody wants to be left behind, and I would like that though that the whole family can come, because Tiana and Hannah will for sure join me with pigging out. They can eat what I eat...and they also love fish. So that is a good thing for me because they won't have to starve if we can't find American foods for them to be able to eat when they get hungry, except with dad, he has to have his kinds of foods. No fish, nothing that tastes fishy for him...LOL! Okay, this is all for now. My husband is going to cook dinner. I am letting him cook because I can only think of making a fish soup or simmered fish (inon-onan), the semi snapper looking fish...yum!

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marion said...

I hope you will be able to go home soon))))
I can understand you perfectly) I have to be absent from home long periods and foreign food becomes a torture)))

Ana said...

Thanks for your kind comments! I appreciate your time. I'm still hoping and wishing to go home, time is tough.

money4loans said...

you can not try all the foreign food. Maybe there are dishes that you like and you do not so much will miss home food.

Ana P. S. said...

Aw, how sweet of you guys to leave me comments here, thanks a bunch!

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