My computer is supposed to be new but it slows down at times

My husband is always the first one to use the computer every morning. And by the time I wake up, my computer would slow down. I guess it's already been loaded with all the browsing history and temporary files. So what I do to make my computer perform like lightning fast again is delete all the browsing history by going to "Tools" and select delete all browsing history, etc. and temporary files by clicking "My Computer" and do a disk cleanup. That helps with giving my computer a much faster speed. However, my computer is supposed to be new and has plenty of room for browsing the net and storing images even built for playing video games and graphic editing like I do. I can't understand why it takes too long to load the page I am trying to access sometimes. See, when I work online, it takes at least 5 minutes or even longer at times for a page to load. And my, I can't tell you how bad it irritates me. It is like to the point that I want to get rid of it and replace it with a new computer that is built for web-browsing only. A more customized to what I do. I might just do that if this slow loading computer keeps up with performing like a snail...LOL. My husband would love to have this computer for himself because it is new and to him it works lighting fast. Well, when he turns it on the first time and as far as web-browsing is concerned. However, if I give it to him, my graphics editing will have to stay because of the huge space it has. Oh, it bugs me to have to wait around and miss my opps...LOL. bottom line: I'll buy a laptop instead.

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