Wednesday is our shopping day

It's our shopping day, a day when I can go all out with spending money...LOL. Yes, it is splurging day for us. However, with my condition being still a little sick from a stomach flu, I am not sure if I can handle it with going out today. I still feel light headed and feel like my stomach can turn inside out at any time. Oh, it is an awful feeling to be sick. There are times that I feel like I don't want to get up and eat anything, and just starve to death instead. I get bored and depressed, it is becoming quite the norm with me in my life nowadays. Nothing much is new, just the same ol' thing which is tiring because it gets old. I need a change of phase, and I am trying to work my way to it. I will try to see if I can learn how to drive this year, and visit home someday when I can. It's a matter of money and time with me usually. I have little children that needs my tending right now, so visiting home is somewhat out of the question at this time, unless, we can all go. We could do that, too, only I need to work harder to earn the money for transportation. Anyway, let me finish my rambling for now. I may take a nap to recuperate.

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