I need a good software to retrieve my digital pictures

I lost all our digital Kodak pictures from our old computer. What a waste because I couldn't retrieve them back on my own. I have tried a number of software but nothing can seem to bring all of them back. They were in a folder. So oh, I am thinking about calling someone to come over to our house to help me recover them, but then it will cost me a lot of money. If I only knew that our computer would go wacko if interrupted while uninstalling a camera driver, well, surely I would have never done what I did. A lesson learned there that never interrupt the uninstalling process because it can corrupt a computer from ever starting again. See, all I did was uninstall a camera driver then when I accidentally turned off our computer, and turned it back on the next morning, our computer would not start. I got frantic and as I was I retreated to doing the drastic measure which I reformatted our computer. Doing that wiped out everything we had in our computer completely. Next time I will not do it again, I learned my lesson. Never again, I constantly have to live and learn-learn the hard way actually. How irritating that is to make a mistake like that. Now I will have to see about paying $250 dollars to $500 dollars just so I can get our pictures back. Those pictures we lost are so precious where our most treasured memories are kept within. What a waste if they are no longer retrievable. I need help with finding a software that can do the job.

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