Our daughter Tiana must have the stomach flu

We were going to send our daughter Tiana to school today, because she seemed like she is all better now. However last night she vomited again, so we had her stay home instead, and my husband called her Doctor so she can go see her Doctor today. I usually like to go, but I am not feeling too well either. Our little one Hannah stayed up until the wee hours last night because she wouldn't go to sleep unless I was right with her in the room. Then she would wake up to make sure I was around because if not, she would come looking for me. I could not get anything done last night when she did that, I didn't get to put the tinola fish I cooked last night for dinner. Oh, I feel like throwing up, too, right now. I guess by not eating anything for breakfast is causing me to get sick. I don't feel like eating sometimes, I just don't have the appetite to eat especially in the morning. Breakfast time is not my favorite time of the day, though I heard it is the most important that we eat in the morning to be able to get through the day. Anyway, I have a slight headache, I need to rest so I can recuperate. I definitely need to go back to bed. I am feeling sick. As for Tiana, I don't think I can go with them to go see her Doctor, not unless I decide to stop and do some second hand shopping for kicks on the way home. It is my therapy to waste my time second hand shopping when I am bored. Okay, this is all for now.

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