The LCD Monitor Screen that came with my computer

I want to make a post about my new monitor screen that came with my new computer. Well, it is a 19" HP LCD monitor screen. So there it is peeps, some of you were curious to see my new computer and asked me about seeing it, however, I just haven't had any time to edit all my photos and share them here. I will share them as soon as they become available, yeah, when I have time to put them into a slideshow, so you can see my workstation as well with me in the picture...LOL. I am not showing off, just sharing about what I recently bought for myself. As for my new screen, my husband needs a new monitor so he will end up with the one I have here now because I am planning to get a 20" monitor screen for my online movies. That is what I wanted the first time, but I didn't get to buy it, because this screen came with my computer. It was all a package, on sale and so I had no way to exchange it even when I asked. Okay, this is all for now. We will be going out to check out another computer that has wireless keyboard and mouse for my future purchase, because I need one that is built for multi-tasking and is a lot faster when it comes to web-browsing. My husband can use this computer if I am not on it. Our old computer is almost kaput anyway-I still need to retrieve all my files there. This computer I have now will be for graphics (my husband and I do graphics editing; his is Engineering though while mine is just playing around-for a hobby...LOL) and video games, and movies I watch online coming from my homeland. Alright, Mercy beucop!

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