Lambada is the forbidden dance

It's the weekend and I was on YouTube searching for some upbeat songs, and happened to remember "Lambada" as one of the upbeat songs that I used to hear a lot in my homeland. It is a hit with everybody that like its beat, but I haven't heard about it being a forbidden dance though. I guess in other countries such as the U.S. it is forbidden because it is too sexy or sexual. My husband said that it was not allowed in the U.S. for a while, but with the way people are today, surely, it is now welcome. People ought to see how some of the music artists dance today...LOL, to mention a few; Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Madonna. Sex sale as they say, so almost anything goes these days. The parents just need to keep control of what shows their children watch for discretion. Anyway, I like Lambada, and the way people dance to that song. It is upbeat and fun to dance as far I am concerned. It sounds good and I am for it. The people in south America particularly in Brazil are more open when it comes to sexuality, some of them even goes to the beach bare naked. So apparently there is no malice there and everyone can do as they please. It's kind of nice; it is just that children may learn something they are not supposed to learn just yet. That is the only problem; a beach should have those people if only adults are allowed there. That is unless, of course, nudity is natural in the culture.
Alright, here is Lambada by Kaoma. My girls and I enjoyed dancing today, just having fun...LOL.

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