No over spending with PayPal

I found that out when I only had very little money left in my PayPal account...LOL. PayPal does not allow anyone to over-spend unless it is tied to a bank account that has a lot of money for a back up. I like that about paypal though, because I won't have to worry about paying for anything. See, with my bank, my checking account is connected to my savings account and I had it set that if I overdraft in my checking account, my savings account will be a back up. However, there is a charge each time I overdraft in my checking account for $15.00. Now that is what I don't like about my bank. It's no good, but since my bank is the closest bank to us, I try to stay, and just avoid over drafting. It is unlike my husband's trusted bank that he is allowed to overdraft by having his savings account connected to his checking without charging any fee. That is the way it should be that as long as you have money in your savings account, you should never be charged. But my bank does, even if I have the money to back up my checking account. It sucks; I might have to look for another bank closer to us. I need to find one that has the same policy as my husband's bank. We have different banks...LOL. He has his, and I have mine. We are both very independent, but share responsibilities; whatever we have to pay and spend on. He has his share and I have mine; mostly his, of course, he has more money than I do.

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kitty said...

hahaaa, ako naman I have a separate account sa paypal ko, na overdraft ako one time, boy was my husband pissed! hahaa, kaya ayun paunti unti lang ang pag bili ko, at saka never ko na ginamit yung pang paypal ko ever, kakatakot eh, sa wamu charge nila overdraft fee is 27.00 laki ano? kainis.

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