John Fleming for congress

It's time to pick our candidates for congress, and from what I heard John Fleming for congress is one of the best that deserves to be in congress. He sounds like he has all his eggs in a row wanting to keep the country safe by Defeating Terrorism, make sure that everybody that comes to the U.S.A is legal and not illegal by Controlling Illegal Immigration. Everyone must abide by the rules, and why should others be exempted when others have worked hard to be able to come and live in the land where there is freedom and liberty. I am also for John Fleming with Lowering Taxes because it is killing most of us who can't always afford to pay high taxes and Protecting Right to Life, and Traditional Values which make America the great country that it is. So folks, doesn't Dr John Fleming sounds like the man to vote for congress? If you think so, you should learn more about him. He is what the country needs!

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Anonymous said...

I don't think many conservative republicans will be impressed with Doctor and Payday Loan operator John Flemings radical plan of actually bussing illegals into the US. Hear it in John's own words here:

Anonymous said...

Neanderthal at its best.
Here we go again. Another redneck opening his big mouth, spouting out racist ideas and giving the GOOD people of Louisiana a bad name.
Fleming’s most recent ad states- I oppose Barack Obama. It would have been more appropriate to state opposition to one of Barack's ideas rather than exposing your personal opposition to the MAN-Barack [that would have been the Christian thing to do].
Moreover, the fine folks of Louisiana did not ask for a doctor or a preacher [I've seen the TV ads with Fleming in his home w/ the fancy marble top before him and again in the opulent study, rebuking 'the evils of the world’]. Give me a break.
Someone needs to explain to him the importance of HIDING his racism [at least till the campaign ends] and begin announcing real plans to ‘cure what ails America and the good people of Louisiana’ [white and other] for the coming years.

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