Learning how to stay young and healthy

I am trying to live healthy now by going to bed early. The only problem is I can't always fall asleep when I am in bed. It takes hours for me to finally fall asleep. It is hard, and if it is not that I have a little baby in the house, I would take sleeping pills just so I can sleep sooner. Sometimes I can't sleep at all no matter how I twist and turn, so I would get up and turn the computer back on and blog away instead. Anyway, I decided to go to bed early when I noticed how quickly I aged. I can almost see wrinkles on my face. In fact, my skin is sagging a bit now, I can see it on my eyes. My eyes are getting smaller. So, I am trying hard to keep myself from aging too fast-growing old before my time. I am going to learn how to stay young and healthy, I want to live longer for my children. See, staying up too late can cause hair to fall out and skin to look rough. I know that because I would notice the difference when I get to sleep early and eat right. My skin is soft and smooth when I had enough sleep and ate well. Someone actually suggested to me to drink fresh milk everyday because it will help me have a nice baby skin. It's probably true though, and I try that, only I don't drink milk everyday, it could also be bad as it can clog arteries. I might end up dead being in a well preserved body...LOL. Everything just needs to be done in moderation. Okay, I think this is all for now.

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