The best web hosting guide I found

I am thinking about getting a web host for my personal website where I can keep it running. However, I am looking for a very affordable web hosting service that can still offer me a huge disk (MB) and huge GB of bandwidth as well as having a Cpanel with good tech-support is good, I've had that before. Now if I were to get a web-hosting package again, I start my search from a site/blog that has a guide about the best web hosting. Anyway, I also would like a nice blog template, and the website I have here has that, too. It would be nice if I can have my template customized. I don't know how the XML works. So I can only use a template made by somebody else and not mine. As for web hosting, it is always nice to take it from someone who knows what the best deal in web hosting is. I have been there, so I believe that. You have to experience the web hosting service and make your decision on which is cheaper but offer the same great service. The site I am talking about has all the details that one must know about getting a webs hosting, and well, if you want to be pointed to the right direction, you be sure to visit the site and see for yourself.

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