My new computer gives me a problem when I use my paint shop pro software

I find it to be such a hassle to have to go over my work. My new computer is not cooperating with me when I edit my photos, because if I make a mistake with holding my mouse too long on any image, it would stop working and say the program is not responding. So today while I was editing the Easter photos I took of Tiana and Hannah, I was interrupted when my PSP gave me a hassle. I lost my edited pictures, now I will have to take some time and share them. I will share quite a few snap shots on a slideshow, because there are too many for me to put them as thumbnails here. Anyway, let me go for now, I have some work to do online. I am also watching my cooking. I am slow-cooking a beef is yummy! Well, when you are in the mood to eat beef. By the way, I will share how I cook it later; maybe I'll take a pic...LOL. But to tell you the truth, nothing beats my people's cooking and after being here for 9 years now, I hunger for such food I used to eat at home. So my question is… When can I possibly taste my people's cooking again? Oh, silly me.

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