My husband bought a new DVD player that was on sale

My husband bought a new DVD player and finally we can rent DVD movies and watch them when we get off the computer. We are practicing a healthy habit; sleeping early and eating right. Exercise as soon as the weather is reasonable. So that is it, we are trying to do the right thing so we can live longer and be around for our children who needs us most. How nice I thought that he found a DVD player on sale and was able to buy it cheap enough. It is however, just to use temporarily because he wants an all-region DVD player because I like to rent movies from my homeland. The last time I rented some, I only wasted money because it didn't play on our DVD. Well, that was a waste of money for sure. The next time I start renting we have to have the all-region DVD player first to avoid wasting any more money as I would rather give the money to my people back home. I feel bad for all my loved ones and so I help them all I can and whenever possible. A little money makes them happy and put a smile on their faces. Oh, I enjoy it when I see them smiling back at me. It makes it all worth it for me to help them and know that it makes a difference in their lives somehow-being not so fortunate to have all the money and material things in the world. They certainly appreciate having someone like me who is generous enough to think of them all. That is one thing I wish we had when I was young. Anyway, I don't mind helping them because what matters to me is not what they can give back as I in no means expect anything in return when I give. I expect nothing in return but only their happiness that I can see them smiling and little kids jumping for joy. That is all. As for our new DVD, yeah, I just wanted to jot down a little of everything especially the new DVD my husband purchase just yesterday. I am just glad we can watch DVD movies again, as we can rent them right around the corner of our house. So close to just run to and get a movie, how convenient.

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