We used to get swarm by winged termites

Speaking of termites, we used to struggle so much from being swarmed you know. You see, we used to live on a farm, and I can tell you, we had a swarm of them. What I mean is we had the kinds of termites that fly and swarm, so basically our house was always full of them flying around, leaving their wings on the floor and on the ground-they fall strange I thought. They would then get to us, crawl on our faces, and hair; it was awful putting up with them. But it's a good thing they don't bite; nobody was hurt. I was even wondering if we can sleep with them in the house, thank goodness for mosquito nets. Anyway, those termites usually come out during spring or fall. With us it was mostly during the fall. They are bothersome because they even built a big colony within my grandmother's house...LOL! So we definitely had a hard time getting rid of them because we didn't really know how. However, I recently learned that there is a better way to get rid of winged termites, and it is through a website I stumbled upon. It is very helpful. It will help them avoid those termites that oh, so annoying! I am glad I am out of there, they are nasty, and yes, people would do what is possible to get rid of them.

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