Setting up the Google domain name

This is not a tutorial on how to set up a Google domain name, but I spent my morning today trying to help my sister Gemma who is joining us in the blogosphere, set up her Google domain name. Her husband bought her domain name from Blogger/Google, which I am not familiar of, and well, I wasn't able to help at all because the domain is not yet set up to work with her blog. It is stating that the domain is already being used by a blog, so perhaps it was set up to make the blog under the e-mail address and Google account connected to the e-mail address her husband used to buy their domain. They will have to make it work now on their own because I don't know anything about how to set it up from Google apps. A good thing blogger provides their own tutorial on how to set it all up at this page: They will have to take time with reading the instructions and set up their domain. If I have to do it that will mean giving me full access to their Google account. I might be able to figure it out for them though, if they can't do it on their own. I usually grasp things easily when it comes to online stuff. I can manage far enough to make something work like I did with setting up my 1and1 domain name. I set up my 1and1 domain name on my own but, of course, with blogger's help as well as experimenting and finally got what I wanted. I am able to have both the www prefix and without the prefix domain name to work. Oh, I surprise myself sometimes...LOL. It's amazing what can happen when you experiment; play around until something pops up.

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