Congratulations to the New Graduates!!!

My siblings graduated from high school and college this year. I just want to convey my congratulations on this post. Finally they finished their vocational courses; actually just a secondary course, since both my brother and sister decided to take the same course which is being a "computer programmer". Well, we will see about how they will do. I just wish them the best and will look forward to hearing about their successes. I hope they can use their skills. It will be awful to go to college and then end up working an unskilled job anyway, which would be bad. But, of course, it is becoming common now that you can't find any work related to what you went to school for. Sometimes there are just no jobs around for you. It is normally the case in my country that people who are highly educated have no choice but work at burger establishments. That is sad. My brother went to school taking a Bachelor of Science in Office System Management, but he never was able to find a job related to that. So he had to find a job that he can do just to survive. Going to school in the province doesn’t seem to make a difference. It is almost like a waste of time and money-that is according to me, unless one can afford to go to a nursing school, etc. to get a much higher level of education. Everybody else below is dead beat.

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