Spring Break is over

Tiana is off to school again. Oh, we didn't get to do a lot during the Spring Break. We mostly stayed home because it is still quite cold here in our place. Anyway, I am glad that Tiana can wear a lighter jacket now since it is getting warmer now. If it gets really warm, then we will be outside hanging out; planting flowers, riding our bicycles, and playing basketball. It's fun when you can go out and the weather is nice and warm. So I hope soon the weather here will be warm so we can be outside, my husband and children are mostly going to be outside unless I have a laptop to be outside. I don't want to miss some molah if possible. I have to work hard since I can't seem to save any money. I guess I am just not a saver at all. I am always broke, so I need to keep working to supplement my endless spending. My being shopaholic is costing me big time, and I am not sure how I can break away from such bad habit. It's definitely a hard habit to break...LOL. Who can resist shopping anyway when you are a woman and when you have some money in your hands? It just reminds me of my father that he is struggling with being alcoholic, and I am struggling with being shopaholic...LOL.

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