We were out second hand shopping for Spring wear

We went shopping today at the nearby second hand store...LOL. We have the best second hand stores around here in Roseville Michigan, if I must say. The prices are unbeatable, with lots of on sale stuff all the time, you name it clothes, etc-very much everything we get to buy half price. That is why I am addicted to second hand shopping...LOL. Anyway, to continues my story about shopping. Well, I just wanted to look around and get some play clothes for our children and for me to be outside hanging out and planting my flowers and maybe vegetables if the critters don't decide to gnaw on them, this Spring. I bought some short pants for Tiana and me with comfortable tops to go with them as well for going to the park. I like to mix and match and I pride myself in mixing and matching our clothing-I am getting the hang of it, I can be good at it. I only get to do it with our outfits, and not with my husband's clothing or wardrobe, as he takes care of his own. As for buying brand new clothes, I hardly do that since our children can outgrow them so fast, and then my budget is too tight to be able to buy them often. I go to Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and all those smaller retailers for some new clothes. I go to Sears, Macy, Kohl's, Burlington, and other brand name retailers if I have to at times. And when I do look around, I just get shock with some of the prices being awfully high. Talk about pricy clothes-over the top, I tell you! So I only get to buy a few and when I really like the item, like when we went shopping for baby clothes. We also hit the Babies’ R' Us, of course, not to forget that store because I like it there, for the prices are not so bad. I bet you! Okay, this is all for now, I just wanted to jot down a little about our daily activities here

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