How the Earth was made on the History Channel

I was watching TV the other day and learned that the earth is much older than the first scientists have predicted. Thanks to the brilliant mind and ability of a young man in his twenties, he figured out exactly what it takes to be able to tell how old the earth is and everything else like trees, etc. I have not really been paying attention to a lot of scientific shows on TV since I became addicted to the computer...LOL-just kidding. But really, I don't get to watch TV often anymore because I am working online and my hobbies are computer based such as blogging and digital scrapbooking. So I sit in front of the computer more than I do in front of the TV. Now I am beginning to take time and pay attention because I want to learn as I am quite intrigued by how everything evolved.
My husband is, too, by the way, so he always likes to watch educational TV programs. I am glad he is, because even when I am on the computer I can still hear and see the TV, which is like "Killing two birds with one stone". I get to use the computer and watch TV at the same time, and learn some interesting things I never knew before. We all need to be educated, because that is the only way we learn. However, we can’t be manipulated and easily influenced for we have a mind of our own and are able to think for ourselves as well as make our own decision solely based on what each of us think is right. I know I am one; I have a mind of my own, and usually go by what I can fathom or understand and not by what somebody said or think. I am hard to get…LOL. Don’t tell me because I can see, read, and find out for myself. That is my attitude, unless I get lazy and say, “Okay, I take your words for it”. Or that it is something like what the scientists do; studying and discovering the facts and things that make the world go round-which is beyond my ability and comprehension since I am not one of them; a scientist. I can only wish, and imagine that it must be nice to have such brilliant minds like they have.
Alright, let me go back to what I am supposed to be writing about here as I have gone on and on far enough. I wanted to share that I learned how old the earth is. So yeah, would you know it, the Earth is actually 4.05 billion years old now. Isn't it amazing to know that? It fascinates me when I hear things like that, and it just makes me want to learn even more. I am learning about the universe and different planets through the following cable TV channels; History Channel, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Channel. Wow, it is amazing how earth developed to be the blue and livable planet that it is today. Yep, all the way from having a molten hot lava surface to the way it is now; habitable by humans and animals alike. The earth cooled off and became our Blue Planet. That is why we still have volcanoes.
On the lighter note: I had a laugh reading some comments on a forum about "How The Earth Was Made", and by a few people saying "Sounds like you're approaching it with an open mind"-when someone sounded in disgust, and the other said "Good grief!!!! Scientists actually have opinions and beliefs", and the others saying "how were they able to buy their air time then, and what's stopping you from doing so", "both sides were involved, etc". Well, the fact is, Scientists can only go by facts and possible theories based on facts, if nothing else. Oh, those shows are, indeed, captivating.

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Ron James said...

Wow! this is a never ending discussion. How was the earth or the universe made? I am also amazed of how everything evolved. Well, I believe in the power of the divine grace and I am also amazed on the wonders of science. Great post you got here Ana :)

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