I took some Easter photos today

We don't go to church as we are not church goers, but we dress up for special occasions and events. We mainly want our children to enjoy what life has to offer, and if it means celebrating any holiday that comes along, we would, so they have something to be excited about. It is their happiness that matters to us, as we only have their best interests at heart. It makes me happy to see them happy even with just receiving candies and toys. They get really excited when it is a holiday because they know they will get something and eat good food. So it doesn't really matter if we are deeply religious or not, or if we even believe in God. We are somewhat agnostic, we can call it undecided or people that still want to decide for themselves with which way to go and understand things on their own terms. Independent thinkers we are, we learn as we go along. However, my people are deeply religious-I was influenced by them, only I still need to understand things in my own way of thinking, not to just get carried away, after all we are equal; all human, only some do go by a book and we are not exactly like that. I respect what everybody does whether they have beliefs or nott. Religious belief for some people makes them sane and strong spriritually, and well, also labeled as good people, though it is not always the case-take the BTK killer there in consideration as one. We all, I guess, have to have something to hang on to, to be stronger but, of course, over all, we hold the right to our reasons. We all have our own reason and entitled to our own opinion. Everybody is free to do what they please, there is no need for convincing, we can all think and understand for ourselves as we see things as they are. We are all free to believe whatever we believe in. Anyway, I am not justifying ourselves that we are not hypocrites, because we are not, let's just say we are not easily convinced by either our fellow human beings or by a book. Who knows, should we do what others think and do? I can't say. I like to think we are more independent and not so much of a follower, I am not saying others are, but it depends how we make our decisions and judgment. We just don't want to be closed-minded, that is all. We are willing to learn and discover new things and go by facts because they stand for the truth; what is true and real. Okay, enough of my sermon, I am simply expressing my thoughts, and yes, I treat others the way they treat me. There are no rules against things that can do no harm. Okay, ciao for now.

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b3arh0ney said...

where are the pics AN? hehe! i love the photo on ur yahoo avatar so i was checking ur blogs if u posted the bigger version. hehe! have a great day!

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