Our baby can't behave when we go out

We went to a second hand shop the other day and each time I always stay inside longer than what my husband can stand. So I would ask him to take our baby with him if he goes out of the store-so I won't have to keep chasing her around. Boy, nothing hinders her from doing what a baby does, yes, inspite of her leg problem she can walk and run like any baby can. However, as for her behaviour, we thought our baby number two is much more different-she seemed quite and laid back than our baby number one, but no, they are both just as unruly. She may look really sweet and innocent but she is very active and aggressive inside. It usually comes out when she is at the store. She is a character just like her big sister . Oh, when Tiana was just a baby we had so much trouble trying to make her to mind and thought it would never end in terms of keeping us from socializing; going out shopping and eating. Well, now it is a dejavu for us because our little one is the same. When we go shopping, she would get off the shopping cart and start running all over the place-like her older sister used to do. She likes to play hide and seek, and catch me if you can game. So this is it; we are back to square one for now. I will be stuck in the house for while, a good thing though that if I want to go shopping, the stores are really close by; just right around the corner in which my husband can drop me off. That is the possitive thing, and I have got to learn how to drive soon.

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