The Easter Photos I have taken of my lovely girls!!!

Here it is finally, the Easter photos I have taken of my lovely girls-daughters I mean. I dressed them up with the dresses that I tucked away in the closet some time ago. Tiana's dress is actually the dress I was talking about a couple of years ago that I bought for her birthday, only it was too big. So I saved it for later use. She didn't get to wear it for her birthday as I always find one that's more approciate for a birthday dress. As for Hannah's dress, I also bought it months ago, year 2007-I shop in advance. Anyway, as for their Easter fun, my husband always make sure that they would have something to be excited about every holiday no matter what it is as long as it is fun, we benefit-the children anyway. So he bought some easter baskets with candies in them and toys as you can see, all for them. See, we don't have to be so religious to want to join the world with having fun and celebrate a holiday. Yep, we have fun every holiday when possible. Anyway, below are the photos I compiled for a slideshow to share here, so enjoy viewing! Let me know how my/our children have grown. They are both skinny, Tiana is not exactly too skinny, she is buff. Hannah on the other hand is skinny due to her getting sick all the time, she often gets sick with a cold, especially during the Winter. She wouldn't even eat unless I trick her. I have to be creative which means I bribe her every once in a while. The poor thing doesn't have a very good appetite. Okay, it's getting late now, I will have to go because it's dinner time. I will be back to see if I have some work to do on here.

I had to also use my bed comforter for the background so they will be visible, they might blend in with the dark background because of their dark hair...LOL.

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Rissa said...

thanks for sharing your girls' photos here An. they really are getting bigger lalo na c Tiana. they are both adorable. karon lang jud nako nakita ang legs ni Hannah. ok, thanks ulit for sharing these pics. love the lavender background btw.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hello ana,

thanks for sharing these very cute pics, sa mga bata.
dagko na gyd sila sa?...dalia ra sa panahon gyd.
Tiana, seems nga hapit na
bitaw, jokes only....

oo, kadto imo nakita, mao to gf ni sascha ja ingon ko karon, wa man ta masayod sa ugma, basin lain na pod,....pero dugay-dugay na noon ni sila.

again, thank you very much for sharing me sa mga latest pics, sa mga bata. i am happy viewing them,

bye and hugs na lang ko nilang 2.

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