My two adorable girls

I don't get to take pictures often and when I do, not too many. Anyway, here I am sharing a snap photo of my two girls. I snapped a few pictures while they were getting into things in our bedroom. They always make a mess, and Tiana-the big girl always jumps on the bed as if it is a trampoline. She likes jumping on the bed teaching her little sister in the process, and now the little one also likes to jump. Oh...boy, she could fall I know, this is why I have to always keep an eye on her, the big sister is still not much of a help to me, I tell you. Spoiled rotten by dad, I think. Okay, I just thought to share a picture for now since I am running out of ideas. T-t-f-n!
By the way, the musical toothbrush you can see in the background, it's Tiana's toothbrush, she brought it in the room. I want to let you know that it is a waste of money. It plays music alright, but what's the use other than that? I think it's not worth the money we paid for it, imagine almost $10.00 USD or more, too much for just hearing a music play with such ordinary toothbrush. We thought it was electric to say the bristles would rotate, but no, it just has the music in it which is...blah! As far as we are concerned anyway. My husband was very disappointed when he found that out. So, take it from us, don't buy any! LOL!

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