I am sick and need some rest

I woke up late today due to that our baby kept me up all night. She keeps waking up off and on just to see that I am in the room with her. I put her crib right by our bed. Anyway, I got sick today and vomited like Tiana did. She seems to be feeling better now, and so it's I guess my turn eh...LOL. I feel my back a little cold and achy, I am tired, and I am only blogging here a bit to catch up with my work online. I will be off as soon as I can because I am trying to go to sleep early ever since my husband said I won't regain my youthfulness once it's gone. I am now trying hard to minimize aging, so I won't look so old especially when it's time for me to head home for a visit. It will be 10 years later, wow, what a long time I hated all the time that I didn't get to visit my homeland, I don't like being stuck. I have a little bit of a party girl in me you know-well, for someone born under a monkey sign, I sure do. Okay, I will be calling it a night soon. Kind regards peeps! My stomach is feeling inside out right now, I have made a couple of trips so far to the bathroom to empty it...ehew! My system is all scarewed up.

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