I am always too late for a Friday's feast

I was going to post a Friday's feast today but then, I couldn't find the one I wanted to post here due to that the Friday's Feast's site has moved to a new host. Now there is no archive, I can't find any post I want to share. So I guess, I am out of ideas for now. I will just have to come back someday, or maybe not since I am too late to catch up.
As for tags, well, I have lots of tags, but then I wiped out our old computer leaving me with nothing, except a few pictures I already saved. I just can't post all the tags my online acquaintances pass on to me since I run out of thyme sometimes. It's too bad I lost them. I will have to find some tags I can post here. I am planning to edit my pictures and share what my new computer look like, including my workstation, with me on the picture, of course, showing off...LOL. But nah, I just try to look decent, and when I pose, it looks like I am showing off, which makes me look bad to those who see it bad. Okay, this is all for now. I am going out to shop fo some Spring wear!

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