A baby survived from being put in the microwave

I was just reading terrible news about a 25 year old man in Texas microwaving his 2month old baby daughter. Oh, how horrible. I can't believe that someone can do such a thing to an innocent and defenseless baby; a girl. When he went to a trial he claimed that has had mental illness since he was 10 years old. Well, doing what he did is I would say out of rage and due to his uncontrollable temper. Having a mental illness doesn't always make you do something that you decide upon, especially act on, and just like what he did, literally putting his daughter inside a microwave for 5-10 sec. He also punched the baby I read and placed her in a safe and refrigerator where he stayed, at a hotel. The poor baby was severely burned with her hands all bone with no skin and muscle left, just tendons but luckily she survived. She had to undergo a number of surgeries, and will continue to undergo in the years to come. The story can be found at the USA Today. Anyway, I am just sharing a little about what I learned, that really disgust me when someone can hurt a fragile baby. There is really no excuse at all when hurting a baby. The father will now served his sentence for 25 years, and won't be eligible for parole until he served at least half of his sentence while his daughter will suffer for the rest of her life. The foster mother is really angry and said that, she also thinks the father doesn't deserve the 25 years sentence because it should be natural life. The baby's mother is now living in Kansas and will lose her rights to her baby.

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