Will be going back to Chicago

We are going back to Chicago soon for our baby's leg brace. I am really disappointed that she was born with a deformed leg; it really angers me because she shouldn't have to be like that. I mean I knew better, but I guess, I tried to do what I can to be careful, only I was not careful enough to avoid other things from happening around me. It makes me wish I can go back in time and undo things, prevent the possible things that could harm her, including what happened to my uncle. But oh, life only goes by once that we can only live once and can never have a second chance. Not on this planet earth if there is ever another chance anyway. That is sad about life that we couldn't fix things once broken, some things just can't be fixed. We human are not meant to be able to regrow limbs, regain consciousness once dead-come back to life, and relive the moments we all sometimes wish we can relive. Don't you have those kinds of moments that you wish you can go back to this and that? Wishing you can relive all the special time you have had in your life, see the great places you've been to, see the people you found interesting, etc? I do...sigh. There are times that I miss my childhood activities, and teenage years. Ummm... If only. Anyway, for sure I will be very tired in the next few days when we take our back and forth 12 hour trip. Oh, it's a grueling trip, I tell you. Whoa! I almost forgot that I was talking about our trip to Chicago there, because I got carried away with rambling on and on...irk! Okay, I'll stop for now.

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