Can't go out to eat at this time

I didn't have any time to be able to cook last night, so I suggested to my husband that we go out to dinner instead. We just dined in at the Chinese buffet restaurant nearby our house because it was a little late to go anywhere else further away. I always like the seafood there and so, as usual I filled up my plate with crab legs, mussels, craw fish, and shrimp. Tiana always helps me out with eating my selections as she is growing to love eating seafood with mom. Anyway, the bad thing is our baby girl just couldn't stay put. We tried putting her on a wooden high chair but it didn't work. We gave her a spoon to play with and feed herself, but that tactic did not work either. I gave her pretty much everything I can think of, really, including my purse and wallet-which, of course, I had to take back because of some important stuff in it.
My husband offered his keys, including mine, but our baby developed a mind of her own. All she wanted was to be free roaming around the restaurant crawling and watching the fish. The restaurant has a main attraction; having a small water fountain with fish swimming in the water that really catches people's eyes and where they can throw coins to make a wish-it comes as a wishing well, too...LOL. So, oh, we had an awful time last night trying to control our baby girl who had gone wild...LOL. My husband had to eat fast and then fortunately he did, and was able to watch the baby while rushing me to get done as well, so we could go home. Now, there won't be going out until our baby can behave. Hmmm... I wonder how long it will take...LOL. She is certainly a girl with attitude and getting head strong

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nor said...

Dako na c Hannah oh! cutie pa gyud. kisses & hugs to her...

Angie said...

Sounds familiar..Casey can't behave for a longer on a high chair every time we eat out. I couldn't really concentrate on my food even at home. It always have to be in a hurry or it's going to be a mess when he gets fussy.

Rissa said...

very pretty c Hannah. late man ko sa iyang bday. belated happy bday nalang and i wish her all the best in life. kisses!

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